French Madeleine Cookies    $3.79

                      Money and Financial Predictions for 2018 for Each Sign of the Zodiac

The madeleine or petite madeleine is a traditional small cake from the Lorraine region in northeastern France.  Madeleines are best eaten the day they're baked.  The psychic predictions are made for each zodiac sign in this video, focusing on money in 2018.   Bon Appétit and enjoy!  ~ The Psychic Pastry Chef LLC 

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                                                    Lemon Cream Tarts    

                    New Beginnings Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign for 2018             

Lemon Cream Tarts                          

New Beginnings Predictions for 2018 for Each Sign of the Zodiac

These sunny and bright Lemon Cream Tarts are sure to please the lemon lovers you know!  The lemon cream is smooth, rich  and delicious in tarts or can be used as the best filling ever for Lemon Meringue Pie.  The fresh lemon juice and zest really make it zing!  This easy to make lemon cream is piped into individual size tart shells lined with melted chocolate to give it a wonderful contrast and interest, topped off with sweetened whipped cream rosettes.   Bon Appétit and enjoy! ~ The Psychic Pastry Chef LLC 

The Psychic Predictions in this video, are focusing on "New Beginnings" for Each Sign of the Zodiac in 2018.


Relationship and Family Predictions for 2018

Chocolate Nut Clusters - A chocolate and nut lovers dream! It's reminiscent of a chunky walnut brownie - but in

cookie.  Sweet chocolate combined with the warm walnut flavors make these great treats to add to any

cookie assortment for holiday's especially if you are looking to add a good substantial chocolate cookie

to the mix.  These are simply wonderful with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

                                                 Bon Appétit and enjoy! ~ The Psychic Pastry Chef LLC.

     Crème Brûlée        $3.79

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 As far as desserts are concerned, Crème Brûlée is like dream.  Satisfying and delicious yet uncomplicated in

it's preparation. The various subtle flavors of the orange zest, vanilla and cream, topped with the contrast of the

caramelized sugar on top are so pleasing to so many,  that is usually a well received dessert for entertaining guests

at home, and also popular with restaurant clientele.   The predictions in this video focused on Secrets and Hidden

Messages for each zodiac sign,  in 2018.   Bon Appétit and enjoy! ~ The Psychic Pastry Chef LLC.

Secrets and Hidden Messages for Each Zodiac Sign in 2018
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     The Psychic Pastry Chef LLC

Orange Fromage is such a delicious cake, you will keep going back for more. This recipe was made using Genoise

(sponge cake), but you can use any form of white or vanilla cake you like, such as pound cake or a white or vanilla

layer cake.  The filling is dreamy and creamy, made of cream cheese and orange and whipped cream.

The cake is topped with sweet-end whipped cream and topped with strawberries and mandarin orange. It is

the perfect cake for any special occasion, such as; weddings, anniversary, baby showers, birthdays and

also holiday gatherings. It was the most popular cake I ever sold in the 22 years of working as pastry

chef, and now you can make it your own!  


                                                      Bon Appétit and enjoy! ~ The Psychic Pastry Chef LLC

General Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign for 2018

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English Trifle    $3.79

Love Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign for 2018

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This super delicious and festive English Trifle will make a beautiful centerpiece to any dessert occasion or buffet. The

super yummy layers of fresh fruit, vanilla sponge cake, pastry cream, raspberry jam, and whipped cream make this a

an absolute lusciously delicious delight for the senses! It is not difficult to make, and is surly a dessert your family,

guests and friends will come back for seconds and thirds!

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This French Fresh Fruit Tart is made in the classical way, taught to me by an old french pastry chef many years ago

It has a sweet pastry crust, which is brushed with a thin layer  of melted chocolate,  and filled with a Kirsch flavored 

(optional) pastry cream.  A thin layer of Genoise (vanilla sponge cake)covers the pastry cream, which is then adorned

with a colorful array of sliced fresh fruit of your choice, and finished with apricot glaze to preserve the fruit, help

keep the fruit in place, and giving it a wonderful sheen.

Spiritual Messages For 2018