This is how it all began.....

During my teenage years I gained experience in the food service industry by cooking in a country club and a few local restaurants.  I then honed my skills attending The Culinary Institute Of America in Hyde Park New York.  It was there I decided to specialize in pastry and baking, after a some of my baking instructors told me I had a nice touch  making and working with the various doughs and mixes,  and a talent for cake and pastry decorating.  They encouraged me to specialize in pastry and pursue a career as pastry chef. 

It's been an interesting and winding road that has brought me here.  Growing up in a family with strong artistic talents and creative abilities fueled my interest in pursuing a career as a pastry chef.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York in 1982 with a degree in Culinary Arts, I decided to specialize in Pastry,  and worked as a Pastry Chef in a wide variety of establishments. I devoted the next twenty two years to my craft, first working in a Pastry Shop in Philadelphia, then on to the North Shore of Long Island New York, where I owned a whole sale pastry business, and the following year I opened my retail and wholesale Pasty Shop.

I was able to satisfy my love for art and creative expression in the pastry arts, and found it easy to channel something that felt spiritual in my work. Now it feels the right time to bring these two sides of myself together, and share my love for pastry work and instruction, along with my ability to tap into my Spirit Guides, and give psychic predictions and messages for the public. 


I hope you'll enjoy my videos on YouTube and Vimeo, and that you will give some of the recipes a try.  For more detailed psychic messages and predictions, please see my YouTube Channel: "Pamela Georgel" and visit my other website for all my Psychic Work, Scheduling  Private Psychic Readings with me, and also Reiki Healing Sessions at:

         (The photos on this page are of some of the desserts made on this first season of The Psychic Pastry Chef Video Podcasts.)

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Later I moved back to New Jersey,  and worked as the assistant pastry chef at an Atlantic City Casino Hotel.  My next employment was at an eclectic restaurant, bakery, and catering business in a historic South Jersey town.  I followed this working as the pastry chef for a fine local French Restaurant,  and then onto the Executive Pastry Chef position for a large elite catering business.  I completed my twenty-two year pastry chef career working for an expansive wholesale and retail French bakery.