Some moments from the past......

The highs and lows when the customers give praise and accolades, and when they complain and send dish back to the kitchen. Creativity abounds and tempers can run high among the artists of the kitchen.

A melting pot of personal backgrounds and nationalities. Some of the funniest and most entertaining people work in the food business.  Some because it's a career choice and others just passing through to finance their other dreams and visions.

As Charles Dickens put it, " it was the best of times and the worst of times," and I would't trade those memorable experiences for anything.

                           I hope you enjoy this video sampling of some of the photos from my  archives!

                                                          Pam Georgel ~ The Psychic Pastry Chef

Ah the memories! The laughs and good times shared, and the satisfaction of a job well done. The camaraderie of the kitchen staff, and the fellowship from the pressures of the tasks and goals at hand. There is nothing quite like working in a restaurant, bakery or kitchen!

It's an education and experience in the dynamics of comedy and tragedy! Making due and finding the solutions when equipment malfunctions or breaks and when purveyors don't bring the ingredients you ordered and needed.

     Copyright  Pamela Georgel 2017

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